Proper Aliasing will help you somewhere TIP#104

Recently, When we were delivering session on “SQL SERVER” one of the persons asked why we require Aliasing so I thought this might be question in everyone’s mind.

So lets start with couple of well know statements then we will see the actual problem where we need it explicitly.

There are two type of aliasing we can do a column aliasing & table aliasing.

Aliasing might help you in readability of stored procedure or function. It helps when you retrieving any calculated or derived column which need in your application so lets starts with some example.

if you see below example we are calculating a column but it does not have column name so fetch this specific value is very difficult so we require column Aliasing here


So as you saw above figure the calculated column is with name “No column name” we can not retrieve it easily so we require aliasing


Now ,lets talk about the table aliasing. So table aliasing help you in readability and it is helpful when you require self join or same table is required in join.

Lets see in below example we did a self join and we required aliasing


The aliasing will be helpful when same table join is required multiple times.

I hope this tip might helpful to someone.

I would appreciate if you provide you inputs as well where we can utilize aliasing.




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