Performance tips :- Different reports to analyze your SQL Server who is making it slow. TIP#31

Dear Friends,

One of the really important part of any database is performance. Everyone complaining your system is slow , your database performance is slow but why it is slow ?

Most of the time we are not aware what is the source?  Which SQL statement creating problem?

Lets understand this thing why our SQL Server is slow ?

Which Query is culprit of making our server slow ?

Which query eating CPU ?

All these question is easily answered by SQL Server itself but most of the time we are not aware of this.

SQL Server provides a unique option which is reporting. These reports has several option like

1) TOP Queries by TOTAL CPU

2) TOP Queries by TOTAL IO  and many more as shown in below figure

You can get this option by right click on SQL server Instance as shown in below figure.


Now you can select any reports provided in the option for example when I select TOP queries by total CPU time then I get following report


So, If you see in above image you will get top CPU consuming statement.

With the help of these reports you at least aware where you need to work more.

So be prepare for that.

I hope this tip will help you to dig your performance dragger and make your customer happy by resolving those panic statements.

Enjoy !!!

Rajat Jaiswal

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