SQL Server

How to set database as Single User TIP #10

Sometimes it is require to  set database as single user for maintenance or other recovery purpose. We need to write following statement GO ALTER DATABASE FriendsDBSET SINGLE_USER  WITH  ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE; GO Here ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE  means if any transaction going on by other user then Rollback that data. See below snap for more detail Enjoy !!!

Get all stored procedures name from Database -Tip #5

To get all stored procedures from database then we can use following commandGOSELECT name,type_Desc,create_Date,Modify_DateFROM sys.procedures WHERE type=’p’AND type_desc =’SQL_STORED_PROCEDURE’GO Or we can use following commandGOSELECT ROUTINE_NAME,ROUTINE_TYPE,ROUTINE_DEFINITION,CREATED,LAST_ALTEREDFROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.ROUTINESWHERE ROUTINE_TYPE =’PROCEDURE’ Enjoy  !!!

GET all columns of a table–TIP #4

  To Get all columns information of a table we can use following command GO SELECT st.name, sc.name,sc.is_identity AS IdentityColumn, sc.is_nullable AS NullableColumn,sc.max_length as colmaxlength,sty.name as columnTypeFROM sys.columns scINNER JOIN sys.tables st ON st.object_id  = sc.object_idINNER JOIN systypes sty on sty.xtype = sc.system_type_id ORDER By st.name,sc.nameGO Or we can use following statement SELECT TABLE_NAME,COLUMN_NAME,DATA_TYPE,CHARACTER_MAXIMUM_LENGTH,IS_NULLABLE FROM …

Get all the tables name from a database –TIP #3

We can get all the table’s name from a database using following simple syntax GOSELECT * FROM sys.objects WHERE type=’U’ AND Name <> ‘sysdiagrams’GO or we can use following commandGOSELECT * FROM sys.tablesGO The result of above statement is same Or we can use one more command which is as follow SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES …