Get files (MDF/LDF) information of all databases – TIP #6

To get file (MDF/LDF) information we can write following query GOEXEC sp_MSforeachdb ‘USE ?  Execute sp_helpFile’ GO Or we can write following commandGoEXEC sp_MSforeachdb ‘USE ? SELECT ”?”, SF.filename, SF.size FROM sys.sysfiles SF’Go Or we can write following commandGO SELECT Name,Physical_name As current_file_LocationFrom sys.master_Files Go Enjoy !!!

Get all stored procedures name from Database -Tip #5

To get all stored procedures from database then we can use following commandGOSELECT name,type_Desc,create_Date,Modify_DateFROM sys.procedures WHERE type=’p’AND type_desc =’SQL_STORED_PROCEDURE’GO Or we can use following commandGOSELECT ROUTINE_NAME,ROUTINE_TYPE,ROUTINE_DEFINITION,CREATED,LAST_ALTEREDFROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.ROUTINESWHERE ROUTINE_TYPE =’PROCEDURE’ Enjoy  !!!

GET all columns of a table–TIP #4

  To Get all columns information of a table we can use following command GO SELECT,,sc.is_identity AS IdentityColumn, sc.is_nullable AS NullableColumn,sc.max_length as colmaxlength, as columnTypeFROM sys.columns scINNER JOIN sys.tables st ON st.object_id  = sc.object_idINNER JOIN systypes sty on sty.xtype = sc.system_type_id ORDER By,sc.nameGO Or we can use following statement SELECT TABLE_NAME,COLUMN_NAME,DATA_TYPE,CHARACTER_MAXIMUM_LENGTH,IS_NULLABLE FROM …

Get all the tables name from a database –TIP #3

We can get all the table’s name from a database using following simple syntax GOSELECT * FROM sys.objects WHERE type=’U’ AND Name <> ‘sysdiagrams’GO or we can use following commandGOSELECT * FROM sys.tablesGO The result of above statement is same Or we can use one more command which is as follow SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES …